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11th Gen Civic High Volume Downpipe & Front Pipe Announcement!

PRL Motorsports is proud to announce our direct partnership with G-Sport Emissions Systems Powered by GESi. We have been working behind the scenes for many, many months, in an effort to change the downpipe game for the Honda community. Recently, the stars have aligned, allowing us to implement GESi/G-Sport’s 400 CPSI, catalytic converter in our new 11th Gen Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo High Volume Downpipe assembly.

What is CPSI?

  • CPSI, or Cells Per Square Inch, are used to measure how much catalyst material is used in a catalyst substrate. The lower the CPSI rating, the less restrictive the catalytic converter. For example, a catless downpipe would have a 0 CPSI rating. However, a lower CPSI rating also means a catalyst with low effectiveness. A higher CPSI means a more effective catalyst. A 200 CPSI cat will have holes 2x the size of a 400 CPSI cat.

What are the benefits of this GESi/G-Sport catalytic converter?

  • All of our PRL Motorsports downpipe assemblies for the Honda 1.5L Turbo will utilize a 4.50” OD 400 CPSI (500-850 HP calculated by GESi/G-Sport) catalyst body, in comparison to our previously used 4.00” OD 300 CPSI (350-500 HP rated) catalyst body. Using to A=πr2 calculate the cross sectional area of the catalyst body, we can see that a 4.00” diameter cat has a cross sectional area of 12.57 sqin and a 4.50” diameter cat has an area of 15.90 sqin, which is a 27% increase. Our new assemblies will be the highest flowing, least restrictive downpipes on the market that will not require any type of ECU calibration or tuner for installation. Because of this increased flow, we will be marketing these downpipes as “High Volume”
  • (Soon to be) EPA Approved (currently undergoing testing)
  • Top-grade materials, such as a brand new catalyst coating engineered specifically for Direct Injection applications

What does this mean for PRL’s other downpipe assemblies?

  • We will be implementing GESi/G-Sport’s catalytic converters in to these assemblies in upcoming months as well. Current supply chain issues, manufacturing lead-times and EPA testing have caused some delays, but no need to worry!
  • In case any 2.0L Turbo customers are reading this, we’ll have some more exciting news for you shortly!

Pricing will be announced shortly. However, customers can expect a notable price change from our current/previous downpipes due to the added costs of a larger, EPA-friendly, 400 CPSI catalytic converter.

The PRL Motorsports High Volume Downpipe Upgrade promotes optimal airflow with virtually no turbulence throughout the body of the downpipe. Like our standard downpipes, this will fit all factory heat shields, bracketry, components and front pipe. Our design utilizes 304 stainless steel investment cast ends, CNC pocketed for a smooth transition. All components are fully back-purged on site to withstand high exhaust gas temperatures. The wide shape of the cast inlet smoothly blends the turbine outlet and wastegate gases to reduce restriction, while the cast outlet allows smooth taper. All kits will include premium gaskets, stainless hardware, and components needed for a seamless installation.

Speaking of front pipes, we are excited to release our full 3.00” front pipe upgrade!


11/11/2021 Expected Ship Date

Fitment Notes:

  • No tune required
  • Compatible with factory and/or most aftermarket downpipes – no adapter(s) necessary

The PRL Motorsports front pipe upgrade promotes optimal mid-range & top end exhaust flow and is recommended for customers who have already purchased a downpipe upgrade and are looking to push his or her 2022+ 1.5L Turbo Honda Civic even further. Our design utilizes 16 gauge mandrel bent 3″ tubing, CNC machined flanges and high quality, reinforced flex-section. All components are 304 stainless steel and fully back-purged on site to withstand high exhaust gas temperatures. Pair this with our 3″ Downpipe Upgrade for maximum exhaust flow and performance! All kits will include premium gaskets, stainless hardware, and components needed for a seamless installation.

Check out these sweet, CNC-machined, precision fitment jigs!

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