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Do Basic Bolt-Ons Really Provide Gains on a 1.5T Civic?

Vehicle Visionary put together a pretty neat test with our basic bolt-on upgrades and KTuner, LLC on this 2021 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback.

Mod List: PRL Cobra Cold Air Intake, PRL Downpipe, PRL Intercooler & Charge Pipe Upgrade, KTuner w/ Two Step Performance Stage 1 Tune

This car baselined at 180 horsepower and 177 ft/lbs torque while stock. With our bolt-ons and stock equivalent tune, this car managed to put down 212 horsepower & 200 ft/lbs torque at stock boost level, which shows impressive 32 horsepower and 13 ft/lb torque gains in comparison to a completely stock car. That is an 18% increase in horsepower for right around $2,000!

With the TSP1 Tune, this car put down a best of 235 horsepower and 277 ft/lbs torque. We are now looking at gains of 55 horsepower and 77 ft/lb torque (31%) for the same money. These 1.5L Turbo cars offer a great bang-for-the-buck with great fuel economy and reliability.

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