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2016+ Civic Street & Race MAF Housing Dyno Comparison

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We’ve been receiving quite a few inquiries about Race MAF gains in comparison to the Street MAF housing so we decided to do another back-to-back test for you guys.

This car was equipped with our Cobra CAI, downpipe, front pipe and @KTuner 23 PSI 93 Octane basemap for testing.


We performed 3 consecutive dyno pulls with the Street MAF housing starting at 175 degree coolant temps to around 180 degrees. The car put down similar consistent numbers within a 3 horsepower and 4 ft/lb tq window.


We performed 3 consecutive dyno pulls with the Race MAF housing using KTuner’s Race MAF basemap starting at 175 degree coolant temps to around 180 degrees. The car put down similar consistent numbers within a 1 horsepower and 5 ft/lb tq window.

We used “Run 4” as an average comparison due to identical run conditions. The Race MAF provide a 4-5 hp and 2 ft/lb tq gain at peak and 10hp/10tq gains throughout the midrange over-top of the Street MAF. Another thing to note is the fact that knock control continued to decrease with the Race MAF housing. We started the runs at .65 knock control and continued improve to .45.

In case anyone was unaware, KTuner now offers safe and effective Race MAF housing-specific basemaps for our cold air and short ram intake systems. The Race MAF housing provides nice little gains up top and very notable gains throughout the midrange.

9 thoughts on “2016+ Civic Street & Race MAF Housing Dyno Comparison”

  1. So I have the catless downpipe and just ordered the cobra CAI race MAF. I also have a ktuner but any advice for updating the tune would be much appreciated. Also much thanks for the fast shipping!

  2. I jus ordered the prl cobra intake Race MAF, because I didn’t really like the way the 27won intake sounded in my car and I didn’t see much of a difference. But I’m a little worried that J got the Race MAF because I know it needs a tune to run it. Should I have jus waited the extra month and a half and got the Street MAF. I’ve jus herd a few horror stories with the prl Race MAF of people blowing there motors.

    1. We have never heard of anybody damaging an engine or having any issues because of our Race MAF housing. So long as you have the correct Race MAF calibration uploaded to your ECU, there will be no issues. I think that you will be very happy with your purchase. More power than the Street MAF at the same cost!

      1. Is there a way I can JUST order the Race MAF housing? I ordered a CAI w/ street through MAPerformance and it’s your guy’s CAI, and I realized my mistake by not switching and needed to order a race maf. I got incontact with MAP but they haven’t replied after I addressed my issue

  3. I have a question about the street and the race MAF. I have a HONDATA and when I installed the street maf i can run the car with out the tune and the car runs great good gas mileage, and when i want to race i press the sport mode button and turns the tune on. Now with the race MAF im assuming i cant do that am i going to have to be on the tune the entire time.

  4. i dont have any tunes for my car yet but plan to buy one can i still run the race version or do i have to wait till i get a tuner before i install the race edition

  5. Hey there, my name’s Andrew. I was wanting to get the Big Turbo Upgrade Kit for my 18′ Civic Si, I know that it requires the PRL CAI or Short Ram, it might be a dumb question but can it take the Race MAF Housing?

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