2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Plug ‘N Play Flex Fuel Kit Install Guide

This is how the PRL Motorsports Flex Fuel Kit should come from the box, with 6″ zipties included in the box below the foam


Remove the billet EFI adapter fitting from the GM Ethanol Content Sensor


This is the fitting disassembled in the correct orientation


Remove (with care) the OEM Robber grommets from the stock bracket, as these will be used in the PRL Bracket.


Separate the rubber from the metal inserts
Insert the rubber sections in the PRL bracket first and then insert the metal backing pieces


Use the factory bolts to secure the PRL Bracket assembly to the firewall


Before putting the billet EFI adapter fitting on, be aware of the two sizes on each side of the fitting, one is for the OEM line and the other is for the GM Ethanol Content Sensor provided in the PRL kit.
Each of these specialty fittings will be placed onto the first barb on each line


Inside view of the billet EFI adapter fitting


Either side can be installed first, but we suggest the PRL Flex Fuel side to be installed first for ease of tightening on the OEM Line side.

The fitting assembly should look like this when everything is tightened down.

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