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About Us

About Us

PRL Motorsports was founded in 2007 with an innovative approach and need for speed. Our roots as fabricators, racers and tuners date back into the 90’s/early 2000’s with various Nissan, Honda, and Mitsubishi platforms. Quickly, we established a strong reputation in the Nissan SR20DET, SR20VE, 8th Gen Honda Civic Si and 9th Gen Honda Civic Si markets, as well as the custom fabrication market with our numerous 3D CNC pocketed & ported flanges and fabrication tools as our company grew. Though things have changed a bit (for the better) over time, we still offer a wide variety of high quality, innovative components for various platforms including but not limited to; intercooler system upgrades, intake systems, turbocharger systems, exhaust components, throttle body/intake manifold adapters, fabrication tools, fabrication flanges, and various billet specialties.

Our PRL Motorsports Team strives to provide:


All of our products are designed with an innovative, outside-the-box approach. Whether it be a new idea, new product or different approach to a traditional design, we strive to keep things funky fresh.

Proper Fitment

Nothing can be more frustrating than installing a kit/product that doesn’t fit properly. Being a company founded by fabricators and mechanics, we have installed our fair share of poor fitting products. Back in 2007 we swore to never do this again, so we teamed up to provide what we and many shops around the globe consider to be the best fitting products on the market. Every product is designed to fit like a factory component, with as little to no modification/altering to your vehicle as possible.

Optimal Performance

As a company founded by racers and tuners, we can’t sleep without knowing our products are the best performing products on the market. We are continuously looking at ways to improve upon previous designs if possible. There’s a reason PRL Motorsports products are known to set markets across all platforms.


Our products consist of top-quality components, constructed by highly skilled fabricators and designed by experienced engineers.

Customer Service You Deserve

A little bit goes a long way – Every team member at PRL Motorsports is trained/experienced in a wide variety skills and departments here at PRL Motorsports. Rest assured that each conversation you may have with any of our team members is knowledgeable and in tight communication with all other team members. If there is ever anything a team member is not familiar with, he/she knows exactly which team member or direction to point you towards to fulfill your needs. We pride ourselves in communication and customer happiness.