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PRL Motorsports 1.5T FMIC Kit Development

Intercoolers have been released!

2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Front Mount Intercooler Kit With Upgraded Charge Pipes

We’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks designing and running numbers for our new 1.5T front mount intercooler kit. A lot of time and thought was put into developing what we feel will be the most-efficient, best-fitting intercooler kit on the market.

One of the key selling points of the 1.5T, Civic X platform is its lightweight, highly efficient engine and chassis. So efficient, in fact, that Honda engineers have continuously prided themselves for how well the factory intercooler flows and cools for such a lightweight unit. Because of this, our intercooler core of choice for this application is a dense 24″x6.3″x3.5″ 500hp bar-and-plate core. We have used this core in our BRZ/FR-S/FT86 turbo kit with great success, proving itself still efficient at well over 500hp. The size of this intercooler also allows it to be a rather lightweight assembly (about 10lbs heavier than stock for the whole kit), meaning we are able to offer a similarly low-weight intercooler that performs much better than stock.

Our goal was to offer an intercooler setup that didn’t notably affect or create turbo lag, but still offers headroom for guys looking to make big power in the future. In the past we have been a fan of our larger 600hp cores (that have been proven to over 900whp) for big(ger) turbo and larger displacement applications, but it is important to keep in mind that these cars are only a 1.5L with a very small turbocharger. After running some numbers we felt that this 500hp core would be the most ideal size for customers with stock turbos, future stock-replacement turbo upgrades and a possible future PRL Motorsports turbo kit! 

This intercooler will utilize factory mounting spots with our embossed end tanks as well as all factory air ducts/shrouds. Kits will come standard with upgraded hot and cold side intercooler piping that utilize smooth radii and hose/tubing diameters designed with small and larger turbochargers in mind. Like most of our PRL product line, no cutting, fitting or trimming will be required. Kits will come with all hardware needed for a seemless install. Stay tuned for more pictures and info as we finish our design and begin testing! 

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