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PRL Motorsports 1.5T L15B Port Injection Kit

2016+ Honda L15B Port Injection Kit

As many of you may know, the factory fuel system has been a limiting factor for the 1.5T platform in terms of making big power, especially with ethanol. Though we managed to crack the 400 wheel horsepower a few months back with our GTX2867R GEN2 equipped 2017 Civic Si, the factory fuel system was pushed to the max.

Our solution for this fueling limitation is a proper port injection kit that provides additional fuel flow while reducing intake sludge and carbon buildup.

Kits will include:

  • Intake manifold adapter plate w/ injector ports
  • Fuel rail
  • Stand-offs w/ all hardware needed for install
  • Optional injectors

Users will be responsible for sourcing an injector controller, wiring, fittings, fuel hose, etc.

Our Port Injection Kit was designed around the industry standard Bosch EV14 injector style, which is commonly used by brands like Injector Dynamics, Deatschwerks, Fuel Injector Clinic, Fuel Injector Development, etc, which can be used with most any fueling available.

This kit does NOT eliminate the factory direct injection system.

Due to the thickness of the Port Injection Kit intake manifold adapter plate, a custom or additional coupler hose is needed to connect the charge pipe to the throttle body. We are currently working on a solution for this as well.

Preliminary peek at on our port injection kit! Pieces are at anodizing right now and updated pictures will follow for a final product look. 


Stay tuned for more details as they come! 


2 thoughts on “PRL Motorsports 1.5T L15B Port Injection Kit”

  1. On the photos, can you point out where they are exactly installed? Sorry I’m kinda new to all this. I can’t really tell where they are.

    1. Which piece(s) are you referring to? Basically, the flange is to be installed between the intake manifold and cylinder head. The secondary fuel injectors are installed into the flange (where the 4 injector holes are), and fastened down with by the fuel rail, which sits on the supplied stand-offs and is torqued down. From there, customers will need to figure out the remaining pieces of the puzzle.

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