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PRL Motorsports 2016+ Civic 1.5T CVT Cooler Install

PRL Motorsports 2016+ Civic 1.5T CVT Cooler Kit

Maintaining proper fluid temperature is essential to extending and preserving the life your CVT. Our CVT cooler kit includes everything needed to install. The included core is a 16 row stacked plate cooler which is designed to withstand high fluid pressures and significantly reduce transmission fluid temperatures with minimal pressure loss. Transmission cooler lines are constructed of stainless steel braided PTFE line and finished with a protective coating.

Heat Exchanger Specs:

  • Cooler style: Stack Plat
  • Number of Rows: 16
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Coating: Black
  • Inlet size: -10AN o-ring female x -6AN male
  • Width: 13″
  • Height: 6-7/16″
  • Depth: 2″
  • Inlet dim: 10″
  • 32,000 BTU’s Per Hour

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Transmission Cooler
  • (1) Transmission Cooler Bracket Set
  • (1) Transmission Cooler Line Bracket Set
  • (2) Coated/Braided PTFE -6AN Lines
  • (1) Billet Transmission Distribution Block *Anodized Black*
  • (2) Hi-Temp O-Rings
  • (4) -10 ORB O-Ring / -6AN Adapters
  • (2) Line Brackets
  • (1) Line Separator
  • (1) Stainless Steel Hardware Bag w/ Serrated Nylock Nuts

Begin by removing the plastic clips that hold the front cooling plate on. A flathead screwdriver will get the job done.


Remove the screws that fasten the bumper cover to the inner fender-lining with a Phillips-head screwdriver on both sides.


Remove the plastic clips on the bottom of the bumper cover that fasten it to the splash shield(s).


Disconnect the fog lights and sidemarkers before completely removing the bumper cover. Push the sidemarkers forward to pop them out.


Pop the tabs on the bumper cover and then pull out to remove the assembly.


Loosen the two clamps that fasten the corrugated intake hose with an 8mm ratchet & socket or screwdriver.


Disconnect the MAF Sensor plug.


Loosen the 10mm bolts that hold down the intake air box cover. Remove the cover by pushing off the metal tabs.


Disconnect the MAF sensor wiring harness by popping the tab with a flathead screwdriver or needle-nose pliers.


Remove the lower half of the air box by loosening the 10mm bolts that hold it down. This piece is fastened with a rubber nipple that will need to be “popped” off.


You will then have a clear view of the factory transmission warmer.


First, remove the two coolant hoses from the transmission warmer. Then, remove the three 12mm bolts that fasten the warmer to the transmission.


With the transmission warmer removed, you should now see this:


Clean off the mating surfaces to ensure a clean seal. (We recommend brake clean.) With the supplied O-rings in place, fasten the PRL Motorsports Billet CVT Cooler Plate to the transmission using the supplied M8x20 SS SHCS bolts.


Remove the tabs that fasten the driver’s side intercooler air duct in place.


Loosely mount the CVT cooler using the supplied brackets and hardware.


Mark holes with a permanent marker, then drill two holes on the bumper cover.


Install the CVT cooler.


Trim the removed air duct piece like so to allow for proper line routing.


Slide the line brackets onto the lines, then run the lines from the CVT Cooler to the CVT cooling plate on the transmission.


Once satisfied with how the lines are routed, fasten the brackets and tighten all connections. Lastly, install the supplied line separator.

We apologize for the lack of pictures at the end here. Our camera died when doing the install and we were on a bit of a time crunch. If anyone has any questions feel free to reach out to us! We always respond to emails and phone calls much quicker than forum posts. 

5 thoughts on “PRL Motorsports 2016+ Civic 1.5T CVT Cooler Install”

  1. Hi. Question. What the lines that connect to the block to the tranny plate? You do not need that connection once you installed the prl cvt cooler?
    Only to thee core and transmission plate?
    Just trying to out how this works is all before purchasing.
    Thank you.

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