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PRL Motorsports 2017 Civic Type-R Part 2 Intercooler

After taking our Type-R to the road course and drag strip it became even more obvious to us that these cars have some major temperature issues to be taken care of. We logged as much as a ~40 degree F temperature difference by the end of our 1/4 mile run! (pictures to come) 

 For reference, we typically see temperatures drop or stay within 5% from start to finish during runs with our intercooler kits. A 40 degree increase during runs is unacceptable in our opinion, so we figured we’d take care of this issue immediately!

Here’s a bit of a sneak peak of our FK8 FMIC kit renderings! 

Our FMIC will utilize a similar high-density bar-and-plate intercooler core like the rest of our kits, but with a larger 26.375″x7.1″x3.5″ core than our 1.5T Civic FMIC kit. We also really wanted to make our kit stand-out for Honda’s flagship Civic by bringing back our CNC’d billet aluminum end tanks! 

This kit will utlize factory mounting locations with billet mounting brackets and bolt up to factory charge piping. We found the factory charge piping to be perfectly adequate, so we will not not be designing any piping at this time. Our kit will also include air ducts to maintain optimal airflow! No cutting or trimming to be required.

Prototype intercooler cores have arrived as of a bit over a week ago. Here’s a sneak peak an unfinished prototype end tank. 

 We are still working on tweaking final machining for a bit of a smoother look. Stay tuned for more pictures and testing!

Check out the Next page for the the finished product and testing!

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