PRL Motorsports 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R FK8 High Volume Intake System Install Guide

2017+ Civic Type-R FK8 High Volume Intake System

PRL Motorsports 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R FK8 High Volume Intake System Install Guide

Install Time: 1 Hour


  • Install was performed on a modified application. Some hardware shown may be different than the hardware used on the stock
  • vehicle.
  • Allow vehicle to cool completely prior to attempting installation.
  • PRL Motorsports is not responsible for any vehicle damage or personal injury due to installation errors, misuse, or removal of PRL Motorsports products.
  • PRL Motorsports suggests trained professional installation all PRL Motorsports products

Table of Contents:

  • (1) Air Box
  • (1) Air Box Lid
  • (10) M5 x 0.80 x 10mm Button Head Cap Screw for Air Box Lid
  • (1) Billet Aluminum MAF Housing
  • (1) Billet Aluminum Velocity Stack
  • (1) Oiled Cone Filter
  • (1) Silicone Inlet Hose
  • (1) #52 Stainless Steel Worm Clamp
  • (1) #44 Stainless Steel Worm Clamp
  • (1) #20 Stainless Steel Worm Clamp
  • (1) #8 Stainless Steel Worm Clamp
  • (1) Stainless Steel Air Box Bracket
  • (1) Billet Aluminum Evap Bung
  • (1) 12″ Convoluted Tubing
  • (4) M6 x 1.00 x 16mm Socket Head Cap Screw for MAF Housing to Velocity Stack
  • (2) M4 x 0.70 x 8mm Socket Head Cap Screw for MAF Sensor

Tools Needed:

  • Ratchet
  • Extension (12″ Length)
  • 10mm Socket
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • 3mm Hex Allen Key
  • 5mm Hex Allen Key
  • Electrical Tape

Air Box Preparation:

Loosely install velocity stack into cone filter


Place the loosely attached air filter and velocity stack assembly into the air box. Rotate the band clamp so that the screw is easily accessible in the air box.


Attach the MAF housing to the velocity stack by aligning the holes through the air box with the (4) socket head cap screw bolts. Torque bolts to 11.2 in/lbs or until snug.


Loosely attach the air box lid with 8 of the 10 button head cap screw bolts, carefully working your way from one side of the box to the other.


Once all bolts are placed through the air box lid’s holes, tighten to 24 in/lb or until very snug. (Blue Loctite is not a bad idea either)


Loosely attach the air box bracket with the flat tab facing down using the remaining 2 of the 10 button head cap screw bolts. Leave these bolts loose so that the bracket can slide from side to side for optimal fitment.


Removal of Factory Intake System:

Disconnect the the battery by removing the positive terminal and carefully placing this to the side.

Remove the factory intake hose by removing the 2 hose clamps at the very ends of the intake hose assembly using a flathead screwdriver. Only the clamp that attaches the hose to the turbocharger inlet pipe and the clamp that attaches the corrugated inlet hose to the air box need to be removed. Remove the vacuum line attached with the hose clamp and the 2 10mm head bolts that attach the Evap purge valve to the plastic housing.


Disconnect the MAF sensor by pressing on the clip and pulling out.


Remove the MAF sensor wiring harness from the retaining clips and casing by using a flathead screwdriver to release the detents. Pull this harness and its exposed wires to the side.


Remove the MAF Sensor from the factory MAF housing by using a Phillips Head Screwdriver.


Remove the two 10mm head bolts at the front of the air box.


Remove the 10mm head bolt at the back of the air box that goes through the rubber mount.


Remove the 10mm head bolt located on the right side of the air box between the ECU using an extension.


Remove the air duct seal by releasing the tabs. Usually these can be removed by pulling to the (left) side to detent the tabs. A flathead screwdriver may need to be used if this becomes problematic.


Lift up on the rubber tab on the air box seal using a flathead screwdriver.


Lift on the air box to remove the air box assembly from the engine bay. Air box may need to be wiggled release from the rubber locator.


Remove the rubber mount on the back of the factory air box by pressing down to slide out the metal sleeve in the middle. The rubber grommet will then be able to be pressed out.


Reinstall this rubber mount and sleeve the same as it was removed.


Remove the rubber locator grommet on the bottom of the factory air box. Use a flathead screwdriver if needed.


Reinstall the rubber locator grommet on the bottom of the High Volume Air Box the same as it was removed. Lubricant can be used if necessary.

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