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PRL Motorsports P600 Honda Civic Type-R FK8 Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade Development Part 2

Even though it may seem like the world is ending, production on our P600 Turbocharger Upgrade for the 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R 2.0T (2018+ Accord and 2019+ RDX) has not stopped. Here are a few more pictures of one of our production-quality, prototype units that we will be testing within the next few weeks once the stainless steel turbine housings arrive.

Billet High Efficiency compressor wheel, High Efficiency turbine wheel and specialized bearing design.
Billet 304 stainless steel CHRA

For anybody that hasn’t done so or needs a refresher, please checkout Part 1 of our Product Development for more information regarding this project. Our current ETA for release is this summer of 2020. Pricing to be released soon!

Who’s excited for this 600 horsepower potential drop-in turbo upgrade?

14 thoughts on “PRL Motorsports P600 Honda Civic Type-R FK8 Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade Development Part 2”

  1. I seriously cannot wait for this! Will it require any upgrades for internals or will the drop in be safe for those like me who just have all bolt-ons plus a tuner? (I already have everything available from you guys performance-wise lol

  2. Looks GORGEOUS, PRL!!

    Send in some facts and figures VS the stock pleaseee!

    Details details please!! Dyno, Setup, spool, how did the stock engine hold up with this power, max power you pushed the engine to.. etc etc etc!

    Thanks PRL!!!

  3. What sort of work? Give detail this way we can make a better decision. Is it a buy and drop in or we need to go through red tape?

    1. We will once ready and known. This will take the same/similar efforts as the CT-R turbo swap, but we cannot say for sure (yet) as we do not have any turbochargers in hand at this time. Patience is key.

  4. I am ready to buy now. Bring it on!

    Will this be a complete package or will you need an Intercooler and fuel system upgrade to comply with the 600 horsepower?

    If you are able to share any upgrades that will be required or recommended for a street driver not a track enthusiast.

  5. hi im interested in getting the type r turbo swap for my accord 2.0t …. can i purchase this upgrade with the type r turbo swap and will my accord benefit from this upgrade or no…can the car handle it im making 310whp and 340tq with prl intake stage 1 and catless down pipe and magnaflow exhaust and hondata dyno tuned …..just purchased the clutch, flywheel , front pipe , intercooler , spark plugs is there anything else you think i mite need and when will this be available

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