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PRL Welcomes a 2020 2.0L Turbo Accord to the Family

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New whip, who dis? Today we welcome this 2020 Accord Sport 2.0T into the PRL family. Due to community demand, we will be looking into offering a few more goodies for the 2018+ Accord 2.0T platform. We will also be testing our P600 turbocharger upgrade for fitment, endurance, and maybe we’ll even push it to see what this ‘ol girl will do. Keep an eye out on our Blog and social media for updates.

5 thoughts on “PRL Welcomes a 2020 2.0L Turbo Accord to the Family”

  1. Please notify me when you have the P600 for my Accord 2.0T 6 speed, I would love to be able to purchase the first batch of the turbo kit. Thank you

  2. Would love to hear more about the goodies planned for this platform. 2.0T 6 spd here with PRL downpipe and flex fuel currently. Very excited what else is to come!

  3. When will the P600 be available for my 2019 honda accord 2.0T sport and what can of power are we talking about I’m very interest in getting it when available. Thanks.

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