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Project Snow White (10th Gen Si) Part 2 Cobra Intake

Ask and you shall receive! Data, dyno numbers and sound clips from our Cobra Cold Air Intake system is finally here! We will be offer Si and Non-Si specific systems!

2017 Honda Civic Si w/ Stock ECU Mapping (Not Tuned Whatsoever)

  • PRL Motorsports Catted Downpipe / Front – Pipe Combo
  • PRL Motorsports Prototype Intercooler
  • PRL Motorsports Prototype Cobra Cold Air Intake System (Street MAF Housing)

What’s important to note here is that these numbers are in comparison to our previous dyno session where the car had the same exact modifications except with our Stage 1 intake system instead of our cold air so we didn’t have to put everything back to stock.

We made sure all conditions were identical for testing (ie 55% knock control value, ~180 degree coolant temps, similar ambient temps, etc) and this is what we came up with.

~5 horsepower and torque gains throughout almost the entire powerband in comparison to our Stage 1 intake system. This means 9 – 14 horsepower and torque gains throughout the entire powerband over the factory intake. No these aren’t crazy marketing ploy gains, these are honest, tried and true gains that every person can expect to see by simply installing this intake system on his or her 1.5L Turbo Civic without a tune. It’s important to note that the car was making 1-2 less pounds of boost throughout the midrange, hence why torque gains were minimal down low during peak torque. These cars are very sensitive with knock control and how it controls timing/boost.

We found the MAF curve to be extremely stable, identical in response to the factory intake. This will be our first cold air intake system ever to not require any tuning whatsoever. Customers can expect greater gains once the boost is turned up and components are pushed to their max. Once we find the limit of the Street MAF we will test our Race MAF

Here is a comparing our 10th Gen Si when it was stock to everything that has been modified now. Very impressive results for no tuning whatsoever! Next comes the fun part… Tuning with @KTuner!

Also, we finally got around to installing our D2 lowering springs!

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